Friday, November 14, 2008

I had a phone interview for an infertility program on Lifetime TV

A few nights ago I spoke with someone that is working on a reality TV project for infertility. She had a lot of questions about what my husband and I have gone through with OUR infertility and said they are going to choose 3 couples to follow. So, I guess they will make their decision about which 3 couples over the next few months and get to recording. I emailed her a pic of us and answered some very personal questions because it's IMPORTANT that people become more aware of this subject. If anything, I feel like I have accomplished something just by the phone interview because she DID learn a lot about the issue just by talking to ME! So, I am going to at least stay in touch with her to find out when the program will air because I'm telling all of my dumbass family to watch it. (that's not nice) BUT, I think people really don't understand. So, hopefully there will be a trend over the years for MORE shows about IVF and infertility in general. There was only ONE show I was able to find about IVF while we were submerged in the crap. It was a program on Discovery Health and they followed 4 couples while they were going through IVF. I just LOVED that show! I only saw one episode:) But, I still have it recorded on my DVR. The TV show DID help me know that I am not alone. So, this show they are about to begin recording is very exciting to me!!

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Lisa said...

AWESOME!! Keep me posted on everything because I want to see it.