Monday, November 10, 2008

Judgement through the IVF process

I know that IVF is quite a new concept. I know that people don't really even know what it is or how it even works. I know that some people are even opposed to IVF and question the morality of it. I know that some people TRY to understand and I am so grateful for those people:) I know that people view me not wanting to go to baby showers or to be around babies as a selfish thing. It is not. It's not that way at all. I've tried very hard to work on self-PRESERVATION through the IVF process. Taking care of the emotional well being for someone going through IVF is just as important as putting your feet up and kicking back to relax your body. It's important to avoid people that can drain your emotional energy through the process of IVF too:) I will not share my IVF cycle #2 with some of the people that I was counting on to be there through my infertility journey. I just simply cannot AFFORD to deal with ignorance. I cannot put myself through trying to "educate" people when I go through IVF again--because I WANT to be excited for my opportunity to do IVF. I want to be happy and think of baby names. I want to go through IVF #2 with people that I KNOW will be there for me 100%. I want to talk to people that I know I can count on. I want my emotions to be safe and not judged. I want to accomplish TRYING all over again. It may not work the next time either, but I WILL give myself the respect to have a fair chance at this by only including people that I KNOW will be supportive:)

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Lisa said...

I will always be here to support you and try my best to give you strength that you will need to go through this emotional journey. I pray everyday that God will bring you a little miracle. I will keep the FAITH that your dreams will soon come true.