Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stress and IVF

I think it's very important for people to understand the impact of stress within an IVF cycle. Stress can contribute in a very negative way during IVF. When I went through my first IVF cycle, my doctor suggested that I was under stress at that time. We had over 15 follicles (he stopped counting at 15 because there were so many) but, yet I only produced 6 eggs. What the crap? There was no sign that my body was not capable of producing eggs with each follicle--I responded VERY WELL to the meds. I was only on 150 iu's of Gonal-F for crap's sake. That kicks ass!! So many ladies had to take 450 iu's of Gonal-F or 300 iu's. Even additional stims and I got by with 150 iu's and still produced over 15 follicles. I KNOW there was a stress factor in my first IVF cycle. I did way to much and tried to please way to many people. Why is there not a book entitled, "How to offer support through IVF for dummies"? There should be. People don't get the concept of cutting me some fucking slack. SO--now I wait until we do IVF again. I guess any time between January through June of 2009. I'm not as scared as last time, so that is good. I'm just sad. Because now I know that most of the people that I was counting on to be there WILL NOT be there for me during this struggle. I hope we can achieve success with IVF. I am also very cautious to not open my heart completely to IVF working just yet. I'm also doing acupuncture and that may contribute to IVF success. What is meant to be will be I guess:)

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byte_me said...

I think the menopur was also one of my "stims" meds. Gonal-F was a big "producing"med and I think the menopur helped the Gonal-F along. 75 iu's of Menopur--whatever it does:)